Why will connecting with Open Cloud be different?


You've been here before.

You're sick and tired of slow internet and enough is enough. You're going to make a change.

You've done the research and found the plan you think best suits your needs and budget and now your excited to finally get rid of your old provider and their non existent customer service. All you have to do is wait for the technician to come out and you will finally have the internet you've always dreamed of.

The day finally arrives and it starts to sink in. The technician is from your old provider? Why is he here?

That's when you find out that your new provider can only supply your new service over your old providers network! The same network that was giving you all the problems in the first place! How are you ever supposed to get the service you pay for when there is only one network to connect to?

This is where we come in.

We connect you to the Ezi-Web service which is delivered via the Pier Alpha Connect Express network. This is a completely separate and independent network. Being 100% independent of Telstra and NBN means that you now have a real choice for connectivity and can finally enjoy the internet experience you deserve.

Not only does this service bypass the fault plagued copper networks, but being completely independent means our partners have complete control over the network and keep congestion to a minimum. This means that you will finally have the internet experience you have always dreamed of and you won't have to deal with your old provider at all!

Can you imagine actually getting what you pay for?

Let Me Help You!

I'm sick and tired of my clients ending up with solutions that aren't optimized for their needs because they were given terrible advice. Almost daily I'm seeing clients who after being told by their electricians that they knew what they were doing, shocked when I tell them that I cannot provide the solution that they were hoping for because of advice they had been given by an "expert".