Let Me Help You!


I'm sick and tired of my clients ending up with solutions that aren't optimized for their needs because they were given terrible advice. Almost daily I'm seeing clients who after being told by their electricians that they knew what they were doing, shocked when I tell them that I cannot provide the solution that they were hoping for because of advice they had been given by an "expert".

I know you electricians out there are just doing what you think is right and you probably (hopefully at the very least) are a registered cabler as well but unless you fully understand the converged technology world, you shouldn't be giving advice on any form of communications cabling.

A recent client of mine asked their electrician during the renovation of a hotel about cabling their units ready for connection to the internet. Unfortunately their electrician "knew" what he was doing and cabled the building with incompatible cable which now means their building will not have the optimal WiFi network they were hoping. 

Please just ask for help. There are no stupid questions when you call me.

I can even help you expand your product range with fully configured WiFi devices you simply plug in and turn on. You'll have the free advice from me turning you into a communications cabling genius and you'll look like an old IT pro with your new WiFi installation service. 

I'm here to help so please feel free to get in contact with me if you require any help