Because You Deserve The Best.


Open Cloud Communications is a Bundaberg based communications business that is committed to bringing the very best products and service to our clients. We pride ourselves on being part of the local community and we don’t consider ourselves to have customers, we have partners who we connect to the outside world in the most efficient and professional ways.

When you work with Open Cloud, you don’t need to talk to four or five other people to have all of your tech needs covered. Just call us and we’ll take care of it all! With so many of today’s devices compatible with the same systems, talking to one business that covers the lot will ensure you’re not paying for the same thing twice!




We can connect you to a high speed Internet service independent of the NBN, giving you the ultimate in connection speeds. With unrivalled speeds, you can say goodbye to buffering and slow downloads for good. Who needs the NBN? 



WiFi installations

Our team of tech geniuses can have you connected wherever you go on your property. If your internet experience is poor, it could be your WiFi. From domestic to enterprise WiFi networks, Open Cloud has you covered. 



CCTV and security

What’s the use of having all the best tech if you can’t look after it? We can ensure you have the very best in security options at your home or business so you can take care of your assets from anywhere. 



Connected devices

Our team of tech gurus are experts at connected devices, aka IoT devices. On top of that, they’re a little lazy so we only sell the very best so we don’t have to spend too much time making them work! 



All your cabling needs

With some of the most professional cablers the country has seen, we can service all your communication cabling needs. We’ve often been laughed at for thinking our cabling is like art, but that’s how seriously we take our work.


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